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Consider Pod Seating for a Modern Look

If you’re looking to add a modern or sleek look to your event, try pod style seating. This layout offers a clean look with comfortable seating that doesn’t require a lot of work.

Seating pods can be arranged to sit three to five people with or without trays or arm rails. The trays can be branded with your company's logo to further customize your event. Curve and crescent styles are becoming more and more popular especially for small meetings and breakouts. Expect to see this trend grow in 2019. Larger meetings tend to use soft seating for a classroom style event. Totally Mod offers a variety of seating furniture that you can rent specifically for your event. Visit their website,, to check out more seating examples.

Not only does pod style seating give your event a fresh look, it also creates an intimate setting for an unforgettable experience. Consider using pod seating for your future meetings.


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