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Granite Tops & Custom Made Inventory

When you think of innovation, breakout equipment probably doesn't come to mind. Royal Productions wants you to rethink how you see breakout equipment at corporate events.

Our creative team prevailed by reimagining your standard podium and projector stand. Instead of using the basic safe locks, we are now using granite countertops. We will always make sure each podium reflects the hotel’s style with custom branding according your event (if necessary). Our granite top podiums and projector stands are just the latest creation, we still carry the classic versions in our warehouse inventory for those interested.

After seeing the progress with the podiums and projector stands, we decided to apply these techniques to the rest of our breakout equipment inventory. Our TV stands, flip charts, digital signage, and tripod screens will be receiving the same treatment. All of which can be custom branded according to our client’s event and theme. When our clients have a specific vision, we work with them to create the perfect piece of equipment that’ll suit their event and theme.

Our goal is to continue to innovate the AV industry.


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