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Lutheran Youth Gathering

Every three years, Royal Productions has the pleasure of servicing the Lutheran Youth Gathering event. This year the event took place in Minnesota and was a 5-day event full of beautiful general sessions and break out rooms.

Randy B. Gervais wanted to thank LYG for the opportunity to continue working together after the passing of his father. He stated, “Everyone knows how elated my dad was to work with the Lutheran group. I am confident he is looking down at us with a big smile. Thank you!”

Our employees traveled a great distance to make this event possible, showing that no matter where in the world you go, Royal Productions has your back. From our Head of Show, Cory Costella, to all of the set-up and break down technicians. We work diligently to make our clients feel at home wherever they are.

We look forward to working together again and continuing to grow our everlasting partnership.


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