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Moving Up: Meet Christopher Moises

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

This week we focus on an employee who recently got promoted to Head of Sales, Christopher Moises. With his educational background and success at one of our five-star properties, we felt he had the perfect skill set to help grow Royal Productions.

After earning an undergraduate degree from Louisiana State University (LSU), Chris decided to pursue an MBA (Master of Business Administration) at the University of New Orleans (UNO). Studying business at grad school allowed him to gain valuable skills, knowledge, and experience along with expanding his professional network. All of which is a great asset in his career progression and great asset to the Royal team. Chris said, “he appreciated the fact that he would be challenged in ways he had not been challenged before,” about his experience at UNO.

How did Chris discover Royal Productions? His younger brother, Michael. Michael is a freelance video engineer that we have been working with for years. When Michael heard of an opening, he knew his brother would be the perfect candidate. After his interview, Chris “instantly recognized this was the right place” for him. Chris was initially hired in March of 2017 to work in IT/Electrical Sales and Operations for one of our five-star properties in New Orleans. Now, as the Head of Sales, his new roles include handling strong financial results, client acquisition, and maintaining positive and effective corporate operations.

"Most importantly, Royals' morals and values align directly with mine. To be part of Royal is to be part of a unique family and that is something I was looking for. I also wanted a challenging environment that could foster my professional growth and advancement."

We are excited to have Chris fulfill this position and we’re excited to see how he can help Royal Productions grow in the future.


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